Do you remember the days when Ferrari used to slap their naturally-aspirated V12 motors in rear-wheel drive, front-engined, two-seaters with a gated manual transmission? Arguably, some of the best cars to ever come from the Italian supercar manufacturer were before the 2000s, especially with those gorgeous lines and purist intentions. Sure, there were a few heavy and not particularly stylish efforts, and some models may have lost their purist Ferrari heritage along the way, but I'm pretty sure that we call agree that the Ferrari 550 Maranello marked the end of what everyone called a traditional Ferrari. 

Those lucky enough to have kept their 550 Maranellos will most likely want to keep it stock, and those who've had one might be regretting the sale. But not NiftyFiveFifty, for he is neither of these people. He is the owner of a 2001 Ferrari 550 Maranello in Argentino (Grey), and he's decided to do what most people will not – straight pipe one of Ferrari's greatest, courtesy of some fancy Italian parts from Fiammenghi Engineering. So far, he's installed equal length headers, connectors, exhaust collectors, and H-pipes.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

In the video above, we're pretty limited to an in-cabin view and sound from the camera he's using, but it seems pretty darn loud. We can only imagine what it sounds like from the outside at full send but at that 7,500 rpm redline, who's complaining? Under the bonnet is the famed Tipo F133A 5.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 that makes 478 bhp and 419 lb-ft of torque.

Nothing like the sound of a Ferrari V12, but for a grand tourer, that noise is definitely going to be giving you a headache plus some ringing in the ears after a few hours. It isn't the final build, though, and he's testing out the drone and resonance of the current system so that he can get some custom mufflers installed to tone things down a bit.