British sports car maker Morgan has created five limited-edition cars that celebrate 60 years of its tie-up with Dutch dealership Louwman Exclusive. Designed to showcase the company’s “bespoke” capabilities, the cars include four of the new flagship ‘Plus Six’ model, as well as a single 3 Wheeler.

The new Plus Six replaced the old V8-powered Plus Eight at the pinnacle of the Morgan range last year, bringing with it a new bonded aluminium architecture, as well as BMW’s 335 bhp 3-litre straight-six petrol engine. With a dry weight of just over one tonne, the car is capable of 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds.

For the LE60 models, though, Morgan has added to that with bespoke colour combinations, decals and interior trim. Two of the four LE60 Plus Sixes are Ice Blue, with 19-inch alloy wheels designed to be a “contemporary twist” on wire wheels. Yellow accents are dotted around the car, with yellow brake calipers and spot light casing, as well as LE60 decals on the bonnet side vents. Inside, the cars come with black “pebble-texture” leather with yellow diamond seat stitching and LE60 headrest embroidery, as well as a matte tawny wood dashboard and an “interior motif”.

The remaining two Plus Sixes will come in Scintilla Silver, with 18-inch black ‘pepper-pot’ alloy wheels. Again, yellow accents feature heavily, including the brakes. However, there’s also a yellow band across the bonnet, as well as a yellow number six painted in the grille. Again, yellow stitching adorns the cabin, while the dashboard and transmission tunnel are painted in the same colour as the bodywork.

The solitary 3 Wheeler, meanwhile, has been painted Almond Green, but also sports some yellow touches. As with the other cars, it gets yellow brake calipers and black wheels, but it also gets yellow light fittings and some yellow LE60 decals. There’s yellow embroidery on the seats, too, and the leather dashboard panel features a laser-engraved design.

Morgan 3 Wheeler LE60 Special Edition

Marcus Blake, the chief sales officer at the Morgan Motor Company, expressed the company’s pleasure at celebrating the 60th anniversary of its relationship with Louwman Exclusive with these limited-edition cars.

“We are delighted to recognise this landmark anniversary with our Dutch dealership, Louwman Exclusive,” he said. “We are proud of our entire dealership network, and it gives us immense pleasure to be able to celebrate these milestones in such a fitting way. When Louwman contacted us with their plans to celebrate 60 years as a Morgan dealer, we wanted to make sure they did so in style. All Morgan cars are special, but with consultation from our design team, these bespoke LE60 specials are especially beautiful and unique.”

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