The Tesla Model 3 Performance is blisteringly quick off the line, courtesy of its powerful dual motor setup and all-wheel drive. With 450 bhp, a naught to sixty time of 3.2 seconds and virtually no traction loss when setting off, the odds are usually stacked in its favour in a drag race.

This was proved in this video by Stef ABtv who set up a race between a Model 3 Performance, a BMW M2 Competition and an Alfa Romeo 4C. The BMW has 405 bhp, but because the example featured in the video had a manual transmission, its claimed sprint time is 4.4 seconds, one tenth quicker than the Alfa Romeo.

The latter may only have a 1.8-litre engine, but its low mass helps it achieve a very impressive power to weight ratio and its dual-clutch transmission shifts faster than a human could manage to in the manual M2 competition.

And all of the above is reflected in the outcome of the drag race shown in the video, which was shot in quite wet conditions. The Tesla just shoots ahead, while the Alfa and BMW are very well matched, crossing the line nearly at the same time. What is interesting is that both petrol-powered cars were travelling faster as they went over the line compared to the Model 3.