Reddit user steven5it captured a moment of terror for an Amazon delivery driver, but it's hilarious for anyone else watching. It's pure schadenfreude.

The video is a piece of cinema that beautifully tells a whole story without needing to use dialogue, music, or even a single cut. The scene opens with a view looking at a home's front lawn on a sunny day in a suburban neighbourhood. The first movement is blue Amazon delivery van backing down the road. At this moment, nothing seems amiss.

Then, the delivery driver comes around the corner carrying a small package. To the view, the problem is immediately obvious. The truck is still backing up and is in the perfect part of the frame to see it behind the driver. He doesn't know there's anything wrong, but everyone watching is now on the edge of their seat anticipating the guy's reaction.

The driver subverts our expectations by turning around and not immediately reacting to the van that's rolling away in front of him. He calmly walks around the corner, and then the waiting game starts. How long until the camera captures his reaction? A few seconds tick by, but it seems like much longer. Then, the camera captures him running to chase down the vehicle.

There's a fairly happy ending to this story because steven5it has a second Reddit post showing the aftermath. The delivery van rolled into yard and came to stop there. The vehicle doesn't have any obvious damage. Although, the way that the driver is looking at it makes us wonder if there's something wrong on the side of the van that we can't see.

Comments on Reddit might offer an explanation of what's happening here. Amazon's vans shut off if the door opens, and the transmission is in park or neutral. "A lot of us found it annoying having to restart the car every stop so we'd leave it in drive then apply the e-brake. I'm positive this is the result of forgetting the e-brake and leaving it drive," Andre_3Million wrote. Another former Amazon delivery driver alleged this rolling problem occurred with multiple vehicles because the electronic gear shift sometimes slipped out of park and went into neutral, which let them roll away.