The Hummer H2 was the commercialisation of the Hummer H1 into something a bit more appealing to everyday people, downsizing the H1’s rugged military aesthetics into something a bit more functional. Part of the Hummer’s appeal was its off-road-ready appearance, with its chunky tyres sitting under squared-off wings/fenders.

But what if you want new rims, but don’t have the cash for the right size? Garage 54 has a solution – 13-inch Lada rims spray-painted gold for the necessary pizzazz any proper Hummer owner would require.  

They look comical on the massive machine, but not terrible, especially with the gold spray, which really makes them pop. The rims also needed substantial modifications. For one, the Hummer’s wheel hub is larger than that of a Lada’s, so the Garage 54 crew cut out the centre with a plasma cutter while doubling the number of stud holes from four to eight in a very questionable manner. They then hammer the rims into shape before wrapping on generic passenger car snow tyres around them.

The smaller wheels and tyres bring the Hummer’s undercarriage to mere inches off the ground – a concern for the pothole-pitted roads around Garage 54’s workshop. After a tiny test drive inside the garage, the Hummer heads outside where it performs well on the rutted, snow-and-slush-covered pavement. The Hummer performs remarkably well, maintaining many of its driving characteristics.

The video doesn’t show the modified Hummer hitting the open road. An errant pothole would likely destroy a tyre and wheel. Limping the Hummer home would have been a chore – where underneath would you fit the jack? While the Hummer moves under its own power, it’s certainly not safe to take to the shops, though it was a neat experiment to see how small you could make the Hummer’s wheels and tyres.