Jaguar currently has two SUV models on sale in the United States - the F-Pace and E-Pace, which are both strong sellers for the brand. The popularity of crossovers in the country won’t stop growing in the near future but that doesn’t mean the British company won’t invest in the traditional saloon sector.

As evident by the major update of the F-Type for the 2021 model year and the upcoming arrival of an all-new XJ saloon, Jaguar remains committed to models outside the SUV segments. This was also confirmed by Joe Eberhardt, the company’s president and chief executive officer for North America, who recently gave an interview to MotorTrend.

"The future of saloons is a challenge for the entire industry. A lot of our competitors have said they will walk away from saloons. We have no intention to do that. The fact that we just launched a refreshed F-Type is proof that we still believe in sports cars, especially the Jaguar brand. And while the volume might not be what it once was, we still think that it's the heart and soul of our company."

The saloons are obviously here to stay for Jaguar. But the number, overall concept, and philosophy could change to answer the needs of a market that’s slowly transforming towards electric vehicles.

"We will definitely always be in saloons. That's no question. I also am not sure whether we'll pare it down. I'm not sure about that but maybe they'll look slightly different. So, for instance, the next-generation XJ will be fully electric. So, it's a different interpretation of a saloon but it's a saloon."

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