Vauxhall has developed a new app to work in conjunction with its new Corsa-e, an all-electric version of its popular Corsa hatchback that the company is predicting will be the UK's most popular EV.

The Vauxhall Connect feature on the car links with the MyVauxhall app, allowing owners to access information like the remaining range, the cheapest re-charging options, and pre-conditioning of the interior. What's more, users can also check on the charging status of their car, pre-select the charging time, and remotely operate the air conditioning.

The app has the ability to calculates the car’s range based on charge left, but also the previous driving style, allowing for a real-world prediction of range to give drivers a higher degree of accuracy.

Users can also choose when charging begins, giving owners the ability to select the most cost-efficient charging times during the night or day, and allowing them to have a fully charged car at the most convenient of times.

Vauxhall Corsa-e

This is just the start for the e-Corsa and the MyVauxhall app. Later this year even more features will be rolled out, including a A Digital Key that will provide remote locking and un-locking across even greater distances. The feature will be available for up to five users per car.

Remote operation of the car's lights and horn will also be rolled out later on.

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