The dawn of the 21st century saw a renewed focus on extreme supercars. Power had always been at the forefront, but advancements in technology made producing incredible amounts of horsepower easier – and safer – than ever.

By the end of the first decade, Bugatti was offering over 1,000 bhp (745 kilowatts) in the Veyron. Other automakers followed suit, toeing the four-figure horsepower benchmark. Tuners followed, too, cramming massive amounts of power under any bonnet. One such car is this Toyota Supra that produces 1,239 bhp (923 kilowatts).

The AutoTopNL YouTube channel is behind the wheel, taking the powerful Toyota for a cruise on the German Autobahn, and it seems plenty powerful. Details about any upgrades are nonexistent other than noting the “HUGE TURBO!” in the video title. Torque is rated at 826 pound-feet (1,120 Newton-metres) of torque. However, you only have to watch the first few seconds as the Supra enters the highway to really understand the amount of power on tap.

Each press of the accelerator buries the tachometer well past the 8,000 rpm redline as the speedometer cruises past 200 kilometres per hour (124 miles per hour). On several occasions, especially early in the video, it’s hard to tell if the tyres are squealing or the loud whine of the turbocharger spooling is crackling in the background. However, watching the driver correct the steering makes us think that traction may not be the greatest at the rear wheels.

The driver never breaks 300 kph (186 mph), though it does get close – about 280-290 kph (174-180 mpg), which is a noticeable increase over the stock Supra’s 256 kph (159 mph) top speed. The Supra sounds plenty powerful, and it looks like a workout to drive, too. Though there’d be someone out there eager to make this their daily driver, just make sure you’ve invested in tyres.