Coronation Street star Simon Gregson has donated his classic car and motorbike to NHS staff by way of a thank you following his recent recovery from COVID-19.

The Steve McDonald actor, who runs taxi firm Street Cars in the the long-running soap opera, took to Twitter to offer his 1968 Triumph 1300 (similar to the one pictured) and a 1955 Francis Barnet Kestrel 30c motorbike.

Gregson said that both vehicles, which have since been snapped up, 'need work', but he wanted to offer them to an NHS staffer who'd be up for taking them on as fun restoration projects.

"Dear NHS workers I have two classic projects (car and bike) if you ride or drive and like fettling old machinery there [sic] yours," he said. "Just a little thank you. They need work! But don’t we all. No delivery for obvs reasons oh and thank you."

Simon Gregson arriving for the launch of The Wreck My Dress Experience Manchester 2013

"It’s a 1968 triumph 1300 fwd needs work buddy but she’s free and I have to say the comfiest car I’ve ever sat in VAT and tax free.

"The other is a 1955 1 owner Francis Barnet kestrel 30c again needs work. I’d like these to go to people on the front line who deserve a gift for their tireless efforts."

Triumph Dolomite 1300 at Pendine Wales UK

When asked why he didn't auction them off and donate the proceeds, Gregson said: "Good shout but I’d rather someone who likes to fettle old classics have them and enjoy that time and reap the benefits."

Gregson, who is one of nearly 89,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK, has been in Coronation Street since 1989 and is one of a number of petrolheads in the show's cast.

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