Judging by the Garage 54 channel's videos, wherever you go in Russia there are several busted Ladas freely available, and you can do whatever you want with them. This time, the team is at a snow-covered race track and have the course to themselves. The guys decide to go tandem drifting, and they weld two Ladas together to make the task a little easier. There's no worry about timing when both vehicles are connected together.

Attaching the two cars is pretty easy. It just requires taking pieces of metal and welding them in between the cars to create a rough frame between them. This turns out to be surprisingly strong because the drivers are able to slam into snowbanks, and the machines don't tear apart. 

Thanks to the slick track, drifting these Ladas is easy. As the guys get more familiar with working as a team with the driver in the other car, they are able to produce some impressive slip angles. Of course a stunt like this is also about having dumb fun by crashing and getting snow into the cabin.

The guys drift these cars until the wheels come off, literally. During one particularly fast slide, the rear wheel of the white Lada flies off while drifting. The driver doesn't even notice the issue at first.

Maybe this should be a new form of motorsport. Put two cars together and have teams compete in races. The drivers would need to know each other well enough to coordinate their movements. Plus, there must be plenty of barely running, wrecked cars as donor vehicles.