Vintage cars seem like a much surer bet right now.

Robert Glover Limited, a specialist in significant historic vehicles, is experiencing a definitive increase in interest for significant historic cars, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Investors new to the world of classic cars are looking for new way to make money with the FTSE 100 at its lowest point for a decade and the DOW Jones also struggling. Vintage cars are a good way to invest, thanks to their tax-efficient nature, their ability to be traded all over the world. Not only that, but unlike stocks and shares, they can also be driven and enjoyed.

Along with Bugattis and Alfa Romeos, vintage Bentleys are particularly of interest right now.

"It’s always been said that when it comes to investing in historic vehicles, vintage Bentleys are as safe as houses, and this has never been truer than right now," said Robert Glover. "With more traditional investment classes offering meagre returns, vintage motorcars are not only stable assets in which to invest, they are huge fun and offer a true wealth of experiences to owners. Furthermore, top brands such as Bentley and Bugatti are moveable global assets and as such, they transcend global currency fluctuations."

Vintage Bentleys, Putting The Enjoyment Back Into Investment

A key example of the investment potential of classics is that Robert Glover Limited recently had a young collector trade in a modern supercar in favour of a sports car from the 1930s, that was more fun to use at legal speeds on the road, and offered better investment potential.

Vintage Bentleys, Putting The Enjoyment Back Into Investment

"The usability of these old cars should not be underestimated," Glover said. "I am currently presenting a 1928 Bentley 4 ½ Litre which was in single family ownership for more than 53 years.

"During this time, the vehicle was used regularly by the owners, and after so many memories have been made over half a century, I am hopeful that the new owners will do the same."

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