Driving a supercar is the dream for many auto enthusiasts but the truth is it’s a little nightmare to own and maintain one of these fast machines. The oil changes and engine bay cleaning of a Porsche Carrera GT alone cost more than £1,150 a year, for example, and to that figure, we should add the annual insurance costs, storage costs, and many others.

Don’t forget that these beauties also require proper care of the paint job and that’s exactly the topic we are going to discuss here. 

Yiannimize is a vehicle wrapping company from London, which has just uploaded a very interesting video. It details how a super rare Porsche Carrera GT gets a professional paint protection film. But let’s talk about the car first.

This Carrera GT is one of only six modified by Zagato examples. The most obvious changes compared to a “standard” Carrera GT include the unique engine bonnet, exhaust pipes, rear diffuser, and front bumper shields. Overall, the body is now slightly lighter than the stock variant and the front end has a bit more ground clearance - something you’ll definitely appreciate if you use your supercar as a daily ride.

And now about the paint protection film itself. That’s a very complex process even for a mainstream car, let alone this unique Porsche. The team had to create new templates before laying the protection foil to the body. Yiannimize actually had some templates for the Carrera GT from previous customers and that helped them achieve maximum coverage of the paint.

“It wasn’t the easiest job but it’s not done. It’s actually sad to put it out in the rain but it’s protected.”