E-Type UK, one of Britain’s leading Jaguar E-type specialists, has completed a complete restoration of a 1964 Jaguar E-type Series 1 3.8 FHC that had been sat since since 1979.

After an extensive sandblasting and a three-day strip-down, 40 years of neglect, along with previous cheap repairs and dampness were revealed.

E-Type UK repaired and future-proofed the car by identifying and replacing sections that were too rotten to save – many areas of the floor and the inner and outer sills were beyond saving. Those parts were replaced and the body was strengthened further in other places to ensure that the whole car was stiffer than it ever had been.

Once the body was suitably prepared, the whole car was cleaned, skimmed, and block sanded to help restore the car's signature lines.

The car was then finished in an Opalescent Silver Blue exterior, with a new Oxblood Red leather interior, keeping the original paint colour but swapping the original matching blue interior.

1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 FHC

With the car reassembled to a rolling chassis, the E-Type UK team then got to work on a number of performance and usability upgrades. The original 3.8-litre XK6 engine was fitted with high-lift cams, a balanced and lightened crank and new seals, while a new five-speed gearbox for tighter shifts and more refined cruising, a new full stainless-steel sports exhaust, and an aluminium radiator and header tank for enhanced cooling were also fitted.

Finishing touches included fresh chromework and headlight surrounds, plus a new red vinyl bonnet mouth u – a nod to examples of the ultra-rare E-type Lightweight.

1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 FHC

"A restoration like this is a real challenge for our team; 40 years of inactivity takes an enormous toll on every single part of a vehicle," said E-Type UK founder, Marcus Holland. "But customers come to us to make their dream car a reality, so we will take it apart piece-by-piece, clean and improve everything we can save and replace everything that we can’t with better-than-original quality.

"Not only are we delighted to have delivered our client a car they’ve always wanted, but we’re honoured to have played a part in keeping this piece of British motoring history on the road, and being used regularly, for many years to come."

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