The UK's first end-to-end online car maintenance service provider, Fixter, has revealed the results of a new national survey which shows that independent garages, along with other essential businesses, are being valued more than before the coronavirus pandemic.

With the country in lockdown, people are relying heavily on services to keep them going while they can't leave their homes for all but essential travel, and that has led to increased trust and value from the general public in  services like food production, delivery services, and garages.

Of those that rely on their cars regularly that were surveyed, 89 percent now place greater importance on keeping their cars properly maintained, while 87 percent also believe that essential businesses have made an appropriate response to the ongoing crisis.

Coronavirus crisis has increased people's trust in independent garages

"We asked our customers how their views on independent garages and essential services may have changed since the crisis started," said Limvirak Chea, co-founder and CEO of Fixter. "We found that the trust in both has substantially increased and that the general public value essential businesses more, as they look at them in a different light and rely on them more than ever.

"In the past, some independent garages probably haven’t had the reputation they deserve, but now they have shown that they can respond to a crisis and play a critical role in keeping the country moving at a difficult time. They have stepped-up and are rising to the challenge by responding to people’s needs and continue to deliver the best possible service for those who need it most.

"We, at Fixter, are delighted that people really value the importance of hassle-free car maintenance in times like these. While we can we will continue to provide the service so many people are relying on."

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