Who doesn't love a good drag race? While most will say that some hot laps are the best way to gauge the performance of two vehicles, an old fashioned drag race is the simplest and quickest way to get a straight-up result; it all depends on skill, timing, and having similarly specced cars lined up for a fair fight. Plus, they make excellent YouTube content, as we've seen throughout the years.

Such is the case with cars.co.za, an immensely popular South African automotive site that covers everything from car reviews to actual purchasing, and their YouTube channel is gaining some popularity, too, thanks to the number of drag race videos they've put up since they started posting some content almost 10 years ago. 

And so, with their drag race videos hitting close to 20-million views already, they've decided to create a number of compilations with a great variety of cars and some pretty close finishes. The video and screens you'll see here are from volume one, so expect their channel to have more volumes up soon.

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And, in case you haven't seen any of these or just want to relive the glory of a Volkswagen Golf R giving a Toyota Supra a run for its money, you can check out their channel here. With almost 70 drag videos so far, there's a lot to see and be excited about. It's a different approach than Mat Watson and his UK-based carwow guys, but the simpler execution might be perfect for some. 

In this video, expect to see supercars, a hot hatch versus a hyped-up roadster, super saloons battling it out, two coupes going head-to-head, and some brutish European SUVs taking to the strip. The best bit is that the winners aren't exactly the ones you'd expect, and that's what makes drag racing pretty darn exciting.