The sensation behind the wheel is quite different.

Sales of electric cars are most decidedly on the rise. Tesla just posted record first-quarter sales with over 88,000 vehicles delivered around the globe, and a slathering of new electric models are on the horizon. The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo and Macan EV are among those upcoming vehicles, but right now we have the standard Taycan. And Porsche is keen to demonstrate its all-weather capability.

The German automaker offers something called the Porsche Ice Experience, where folks venture north of the Arctic Circle to a facility near Lapland, Finland to engage in low-grip automotive tomfoolery. The electric Taycan is part of that experience, as demonstrated in this YouTube video called #IceStories Episode 1: Playing with the Elements. That title suggests more clips are coming, and you know what? We’re just fine with that.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan on ice and snow

Whether they will all include the Taycan remains to be seen, but this video certainly does. The clip brings together Anssi Pesonen, a snowkiter who fancies strapping on skis while holding a gigantic kite, and Richard Lietz, a Porsche factory driver who fancies, well, driving Porsches. Along with range anxiety, many people have concerns about battery functionality and EV performance in cold conditions. You probably see where this is headed.

The short video combines the experience of both men as they each tackle the elements of winter. Naturally, the action is punctuated with artsy shots of a Taycan 4S powersliding through forests, powersliding in open terrain, powersliding around an ice track, generally powersliding everywhere. The snowkiter is also there with his gear, but this is a Porsche video so the focus is obviously on the Taycan. He eventually trades the kite for the Taycan and comments about how he gets a similar rush behind the wheel.

We aren’t sure how many Taycan owners will ever venture into the snow, but Porsche is determined to show the world its EV is ready for such things. Our man Jeff Perez sampled the 4S at this same location, where Porsche said its battery performance is virtually unaffected by the cold thanks to various thermal systems that regulate battery temperature. More impressive to us was just how good the Taycan handles slippery conditions, which is something that certainly comes through in the video.

Still, with the least expensive Taycan starting at £83,367, it’s a very costly machine to play with in the snow