Last month, Shmee, the supercar connoisseur and Youtube sensation, had a tour in Amalgam's headquarters in Bristol in the UK to see the latest acquisition to his exquisite collection – a 1:8 scale model of his very own blue McLaren Senna.

The scale model takes 100 hours to assemble and a total of 300 hours to finish the process. With this number of work-hours and its stunning details, not to mention its price, these 1:8 Senna scale model is as exclusive as the car it represents. And Shmee couldn't hide his excitement in his latest video (embedded above).

Gallery: Amalgam Model Tour

According to his previous video about the Amalgam Senna, the company worked directly with McLaren MSO in order to get the details right for Shmee's real-life McLaren Ultimate Series supercar. These details include the Cerulean Blue finish to the Alcantara-covered dash and MSO-spec brake calipers.

That hard work pays off, we reckon. The replica Shmeemobile is almost an exact copy of Shmee's Senna, complete with the lowered suspension while in race mode and of course, the vanity plate upfront. 

Amalgam has a collection of amazing 1:8 scale models of several popular and rare cars, which you can find on its website. The "toys for the big boys" range from £6,000 to £12,000, depending on the complexity of the scale model, which can even come with details like lighting and electronic doors.

And we have to agree with Shmee on this one, Amalgam's 1:8 scale models are a perfect addition to anyone's garage, especially when you have something as precious as a McLaren Senna or any other supercar, actually.