The Genesis GV80 SUV kickstarted the brand's new "quad lamp" design language with its debut in January. Now, those same styling cues make their way to the company's full-size saloon. The 2021 Genesis G80 debuted online today from its headquarters in South Korea sporting the all-new look, as well as a trio of new engines underbonnet and lots of new technology inside.

The same quad headlight fixture from the SUV carries over to the 2021 G80 almost unchanged, as does the brand's massive shield-shaped grille. And it's a look that translates well. The only thing separating the saloon from its SUV sibling head-on is a lower grille piece that extends the length of the front fascia, accentuated by a silver horizontal grille bar at each corner that provides more depth.

2021 Genesis G80
2021 Genesis G80
2021 Genesis G80

The rims on this version of the G80 are similar to those found on the SUV, too: five-spoke, silver-finished, 20-inch units. Even the dual turn signals (located just behind the front wheel wells) are the same, and there's even a signature body line that connects the headlights to the taillights, the same as in the SUV.

Similarities between the two vehicles are still obvious inside too, but the 2021 G80 definitely offers its own unique look. The stylish saloon sports a massive 14.5-inch central infotainment display front and centre – managed by what Genesis calls a "touch-and-write" infotainment controller – as well as a 12.3-inch, 3D digital instrument cluster and a head-up display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both come standard. One thing that doesn't carry over from the GV80 is its unique two-spoke steering wheel. The G80 uses a more-traditional four-spoke steering wheel, but offers nearly all of the same upscale materials elsewhere: wood, leather, aluminium, and more.

Part of the 2021 update also includes the addition of new advanced safety tech. The Genesis G80 gets automatic emergency braking, blind-spot collision avoidance, "Highway Driving Assist II" feature – which allows the car to change lanes automatically at the flick of the turn signal – and even adaptive cruise with a so-called "Machine Learning" interface that assists the driver by learning his or her driving characteristics. All of those systems are also available on the GV80 SUV.

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As far as power goes, the 2021 Genesis G80 drops the previous model's 3.3- and 3.8-litre V6 options, as well as the range-topping 5.0-litre V8. Instead, the G80 starts with a turbocharged 2.5-litre inline-four engine good for 300 bhp (223 kilowatts) and 311 pound-feet (421 Newton-metres) of torque. From there, it gets a turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 that produces 375 bhp (279 kW) and 391 lb-ft (530 Nm), and in markets outside of the U.S., a 2.2-litre inline-four diesel that produces 207 bhp (154 kW).

And all that extra power pairs with a lighter weight. Genesis says that aluminium accounts for about 19 percent of the new G80's construction, allowing the 2020 model to shed up to 243 pounds (110 kilograms) over its predecessor. The new third-generation, rear-wheel-drive platform also provides a lower centre of gravity for better handling, says the company, and a wider cabin for improved interior space.

Genesis didn't provide any details on pricing but promises the G80 will be available in Korea beginning March 30th. The saloon goes on sale in other markets (excluding Europe) in the second half of the year.