The Lancia Hyena by Zagato is an ultra-rare coupe handbuilt by Zagato and based on one of the world’s great hot hatches, the Lancia Delta Integrale. This unique car was the result of a passionate car enthusiast Paul Koot who spearheaded the production of this unique coupe. Today you have the opportunity to bid on his very car at an upcoming RM Sotheby’s Auction. So get out your wallet and good luck.

There are only 24 total Lancia Hyenas on planet earth and that’s a shame because this unique coupe is the stuff of dreams. Here we have a carbon fibre Italian coupe handbuilt by the talented craftsmen at Zagato, one the world’s greatest coach works. Then we factor in the rally pedigree of the Lancia Delta Integrale the Hyena is based on, and we're left with a compelling package ready to embarrass anything this side of a Ferrari F40. Add in the limited production and obscurity and you’ve got a car that only true car nerds will know about. 

Gallery: Rare Lancia Hyena by Zagato based on Delta Integrale can be yours

The carbon fibre construction and interior came at a time long before automakers were trimming their SUVs with carbon fibre panels. This is a carbon-fibre interior with a purpose. The Hyena weighs 190 kg (418 lb) less than a Delta Integrale, which leaves it in the neighbourhood of 2,300 lbs. Add in the tuned 250 bhp or optional 300 bhp engine and the Hyena becomes quite a performance car. 

The Lancia Hyena by Zagato combines all of the best parts of a Lancia Delta Integrale with the provenance of a handbuilt carbon fibre Italian supercar. This rare vehicle may only have 24 examples worldwide but you must know about its existence. In today’s world of heavy corporate interest and limited coupe options. A handbuilt Italian coupe based on a hatchback funded by a Dutch enthusiast seems very far fetched but in the 1990s it was reality and we need to celebrate this.