With the world essentially on hold amid the Coronavirus pandemic, spare time is piling up. Some use this time to read, catch up on television, exercise, or embrace their creative side. Those at the Woodworking Art YouTube channel were crafting amazing items from lumber before the pandemic, but have since taken an automotive flare.

In this latest video, they carve a semi-operational 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser. The process is surprisingly, very similar to how real vehicles are built. It starts with assembling the subframe from the beefiest pieces of wood. Following completion of the subframe, intricate details are added on top of one another.

The first detailed piece to be carved out is the front fascia. We’re amazed at the bravado the craftsman possesses with a wealth of different woodworking tools. Some of the smaller details are whittled away by hand while heavier work is done using a router. The front fascia of the car slowly takes shape as a Land Cruiser and less like an amalgamation of wood pieces.

Following the front, the rear of the car is equally as impressive to see being constructed. The build features things one might never expected to see on a woodworking project. While the model created in the video doesn’t feature door locks, the doors and hatches can be opened and closed. The wheels also move freely, and even more impressive is the wood front suspension components.

wood landcruiser 01

Just when you think the project is nearing completion,  the craftsman moves on to another Land Cruiser feature. With no detail being too small, the artist goes so far as to hand carve tyre treads. After the final touches like mirrors and reflectors are installed, the completed Land Cruiser looks absolutely fantastic with all its realism.