While we're all holed up at home during the coronavirus lockdown, our cars aren't getting much use, but that doesn't mean they should be forgotten about. Tyre manufacturer Falken is keen to remind people that while their cars are parked up on the drive, the rubber on each corner still needs to be looked after for when the restrictions are eventually lifted.

Check out the company's six top tips for taking care of tyres to prevent damage during a lengthy layup:

  1. Now’s the perfect time to inspect your tyres. Check for uneven tread wear as well as any cuts, bulges in the sidewall. In the tread surface, check for nails and screws embedded in the tyre and if there are stones lodged in the tread, carefully remove these.
  1. Are all the valve caps present? Valve caps prevent dirt and moisture from getting in the valve and causing issues. Replace any missing ones.
  1. Check tyre pressures and increase them by around 15PSI over the standard recommended pressure whilst the car is laid up. This will prevent damage and potential flat spots. Put a note inside the car to remind you to return the pressures to normal when you start using it again.
  1. If you are planning on laying up your car for an even longer period, consider jacking the car up so the tyres aren’t in contact with the ground. So-called ‘tyre trainers’ that support the tyre to minimise flat spots and premature perishing, are another option.
  1. If you can, put the car in a garage. The darker and cooler conditions will protect the tyres. If your car is outside, tyre covers, made from a reflective aluminium material, are also an option to shield from sunlight and other weather damage.
  1. If you have a spare set of cold weather tyres, make sure they are stored in a cool, dry, dark place away from oils and solvents that could damage them.

Falken also recommends getting your tyres inspected by a tyre dealer once restrictions allow, should you have any further doubts.