How does one even begin to describe a car collection containing three Porsche 959s, two (yes, two) new and exceedingly rare Apollo IE hypercars, a DeTomaso Pantera on nitrous, a litany of Ferraris and classic cars, and a golden alligator guarding it all?

Friends, welcome to a new private collection called IKONICK, presented here courtesy of Shmee150 on YouTube. And with a golden alligator statue perched in the middle of this hypercar ocean, there’s only one place such a collection could possibly exist – Miami.

The video opens with a view of the main floor as seen from the upper level, and honestly, it’s difficult to imagine any situation where a Ferrari Enzo or a Saleen S7 don’t stand out. We blame the trio of Porsches wearing Gulf Livery paint schemes, including one of four factory-painted 918 Weissach Package Spyders, one of just two Gulf Carrera GTs, and a vintage 959 sporting the iconic colours to boot.


We would understand if others blame the Apollo IE hypercar sitting on a turntable in front of that blue Porsche lineup. It’s just one of 10 slated for production, but it’s not the only Apollo on-site. The original prototype is also featured in the video sitting in the collection’s workshop, though admittedly it’s just a temporary resident for this bonkers collection.

Gallery: Ikonick Miami Supercar Collection

Looking past the Porsches and Apollos, we see other exceedingly rare machines. A Ford GTX-1 holds station in the main hall, along with the aforementioned Enzo and a LaFerrari. A Maserati MC-12 is also in the lineup, along with a stunning McLaren P1. There are more McLarens further back, including a race-spec Senna parked next to an Icon flying car. Flying car? Yes, this collection has everything, and we haven’t even moved into the Ferrari or Porsche rooms, the latter of which contains two more 959s.

The collection isn’t entirely supercars. Scattered about are classic gems like a pair of Shelby Cobra replicas, a gorgeous Jaguar XK 150, and there’s an entire room dedicated to classic American iron. Chevy Impalas and Bel Airs fill the space, along with a sizzling 1962 Corvette and the nitrous-fuelled Pantera we mentioned previously.

Between Shmee’s video, our photo gallery of screenshots, and IKONICK’s Instagram post, you’ll be crying tears of automotive joy over this incredible collection.