The Mini Cooper SE deliveries already exceed the original Mini E pilot test fleet of several hundred cars.

Earlier this month we heard about the first customer delivery of the Mini Cooper SE in the U.S. (actually it was delivery to the winner of a sweepstakes), but how about Europe?

According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt, during the first two months of the year, "well over 500" units of Cooper SE were delivered across Europe - mostly in the UK, where the all-electric Mini is produced.


While comparing the number with general Mini sales in January and February (under 25,000 in total, according to JATO Dynamics), it turns out to be above 2%, "well over" 2% we guess.

Not bad for a start, but of course we expect a higher result, like at least 5% - especially since some 100,000 people expressed interest in the Mini Cooper SE globally.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to improve over the short term, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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