Earlier this month we heard about the first customer delivery of the Mini Cooper SE in the U.S. (actually it was delivery to the winner of a sweepstakes), but how about Europe?

According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt, during the first two months of the year, "well over 500" units of Cooper SE were delivered across Europe - mostly in the UK, where the all-electric Mini is produced.


While comparing the number with general Mini sales in January and February (under 25,000 in total, according to JATO Dynamics), it turns out to be above 2%, "well over" 2% we guess.

Not bad for a start, but of course we expect a higher result, like at least 5% - especially since some 100,000 people expressed interest in the Mini Cooper SE globally.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to improve over the short term, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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