The 2020 Geneva Motor Show was supposed to host the debut of the BMW Concept i4. The show was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak but that didn’t stop the Bavarian manufacturer from releasing the all-electric concept vehicle online. It got mixed reactions from BMW enthusiasts regarding its design but no one argued its performance potential and its high-tech cabin space.

So far, we’ve only seen the official press photos of the concept which didn’t reveal the whole picture. Supercar Blondie’s latest video takes us to BMW’s headquarters in Munich where she meets the Concept i4 in person and gives us a proper walkaround tour of the prototype. There are a number of very interesting facts about the car that we learned from the video.

Gallery: 2020 BMW Concept i4

For example, did you know that world-famous composer Hans Zimmer developed the Concept i4’s “own visionary and unique sound” which replaces the sound of the internal combustion engine and should make a better connection between the driver and the machine? 

Another very interesting feature of the car is its massive curved infotainment screen which merges into the digital instrument cluster. The right section of the display is touch-sensitive and allows you to change the driving modes, which in turn changes the ambient LED lighting in the cabin.

Of course, the most important thing in a car is its powertrain and the Concept i4 is proudly offering a single electric motor with 530 bhp (395 kilowatts) - roughly the output of BMW’s modern V8 combustion engine. Energy comes from an 80-kWh battery, which provides an estimated an WLTP range of 373 miles and an EPA range of 270 miles at a single charge.

What’s the coolest part? The production i4 will look almost the same as the concept and Supercar Blondie even claims the wheels of the study will be carried over to the production model without changes. Yay!