The Nissan brand will receive a new logo, if recent trademark filings are any indication. Registered in Great Britain, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina, the new logo is more minimalist, doing away with the existing corporate logo’s simulated chrome finish and three-dimensional appearance. 

New Nissan and Z Logos

Instead, the supposed new Nissan logo will be two-dimensional and monochromatic, with a sans-serif font for the company name surrounded on top and bottom by arcs with delicate points. The new logo retains the centre marquee and circular appearance, but it’s a clear evolution from the current, bulkier badge. It recalls efforts made by BMW and other automakers to modernise their image using simpler, cleaner forms – though we think the Nissan graphic is better executed than that of the Bimmer.

We actually got an initial look at the new logo when the Nissan Ariya concept took a bow at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The illumination on the electric crossover’s badge matches the new logo filings almost exactly, leading us to believe this will be Nissan’s new corporate logo, implemented sometime soon.

New Nissan and Z Logos

The next-generation Nissan Z is also likely to receive new branding as well, according to trademark filings in Canada and New Zealand. However, unlike the modern Nissan logo, the Z will apparently look back in history for its badging. Unlike the samurai-chic Z-slash that currently resides on the sports car, the new logo will feature a serif-font “Z” with a flourish in the middle, almost identical to the badge on the original 1971 240Z. 

We sincerely hope the new logo also means the Z will feature retro styling. The current car’s boomerang-shaped lighting elements and ultra-wide rear hips looked dated when they were new, and a return to simpler, purer forms would be much appreciated in the new Z.

The next-generation Nissan sports car might make its first debut (wearing both new badges) within a year or two, although hopefully sooner.