Bisimoto is a shop that specialises in modifying cars, usually older ones, and it infuses these cars with extra power and extra tech. One of the company’s latest projects is a really impressive EV created to look exactly like the Kremer Porsche 935s that competed in endurance racing in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

This car’s widebody kit was actually created using the same moulds that were used to create the original racing 935s. It therefore looks identical to those racing heroes and it even has a nice livery to make it stand out (not that it really needed it to get itself noticed).

The big difference between this project and the original racing cars has to do with how it’s powered. There is no trace of a six-cylinder boxer anywhere; it is actually motivated by an electric motor from EV West.

It makes 636 bhp (475 kW) and with the 32 kWh on-board battery pack it should have some usable range before it runs out. It’s not a heavy car, weighing in at 1,216 kilograms (2,681 pounds), so its performance should be very similar to what the original petrol burning racers could muster.

We are not told exactly how much range it has or its performance numbers, but it’s probably adequate on both counts, especially since it’s more of a recreational type of vehicle; it makes for a great all-electric trackday car to take out on the weekends.