The new Corvette C8 is an improvement over its predecessor in every single way, including off-the-line acceleration. GM claims it can hit sixty from naught in 2.9 seconds, but as this video courtesy of DragTimes featuring the new C8 shows, matching the factory figure is not that straightforward.

Before you read on, keep in mind that this was all shot on public roads and while we're interested in the results, we don't in any way support racing outside the confines of a track or a drag strip.

In fact, when put up against a Tesla Model 3 Performance, the Corvette is a tad slower than the electric saloon. It certainly starts picking up the pace afterward and it catches the Tesla, but off the line its all-wheel drive and instant torque delivery give it the edge.

The Model 3 Performance hits sixty in a claimed 3.2 seconds, which is very close to what the guys in this video are achieving in the C8. Unlike the Corvette, though, it’s easier to launch the Tesla and with no gears to shift, its performance is more consistent.

The C8 is still a great car, though, a real leap over its predecessor in every single area that matters. There are also plans to have even faster versions and the one that interests us most here is the possible plug-in hybrid variant which may bin the V8 for a smaller V6, but it will make up for the deficit with the addition of an electric motor and maybe all-wheel drive as well.