Imagine this: your newly-bought brand new leather-trimmed Ferrari or Lamborghini has been delivered and after marveling at its beauty from the outside, what's the next best thing you'll notice upon entering? That's right – the new car smell.

We're not sure if it's just us, but the smell of fresh leather and all the adhesives used inside the car are addictively intoxicating. But is it something you'd want to wear everywhere you go? Apparently, Auto Trader thinks so.

Aptly dubbed as Eau De New Car – seriously, you can't get any more direct than that – this new fragrance is not for your car but for yourself. Now, this might sound like an April Fool's gag to others but it looks like Auto Trader, an online vehicle marketplace in the U.K., is quite serious about its new product.

According to them, the smell of a brand new car is the smell of success, and something that you'd want to have no matter where you go. Basically, if you want to smell successful, you have to smell like a brand new car. The site has numbers to back that up, saying that 25 percent of respondents claim that, according to their research. And, success, of course, equates to attractiveness.

The Eau De New Car is a light fragrance that combines hints of fine leather and hard wax for a natural new car smell. It's exclusively available on Auto Trader's website with a price tag of £175 for a 50-milliliter bottle. It doesn't come cheap, we must say.