A great mix of hot Volkswagen prototypes was spotted in Switzerland by YouTuber “TheTFJJ” at a hotel somewhere near St Moritz where he pulled over to have lunch. While none of the cars actually carried any camouflage, all of them had testing equipment inside the cabin. There were a few Golf GTI prototypes carrying the production body but without the LED lights in the front bumper, while some were hiding underneath the Mk7 body.

It was the same story with the Golf R as one of the cars had the previous generation’s body while another had the new bodywork, albeit with the blue accents on the front grille as seen on the plug-in hybrid GTE.  It does look rather bland, but it’s better to wait for VW to release the final version in the months to come before passing any judgement on the car’s appearance. Having seen the new Golf GTI in official images, we’re expecting the same level of subtle sportiness from the all-paw R, plus double the number of exhaust tips.

Gallery: VW GTI and R prototypes and test mules in parking lot

Prototypes of what might’ve been the Tiguan R and Arteon R were seen sharing the parking lot with the hot hatches, with both looking like the R Line variant. The crossover had quad tips and provided a sweet engine soundtrack you can’t have on a current Tiguan, unless you decide to go with a custom exhaust system.

Many of the cars had Wolfsburg license plates further denoting these were VW’s own testing vehicles, and although not shown in this video, the man with the camera says he saw a camouflaged A1 Sportback with quad exhaust tips. Before you get too excited, Audi has ruled out making an S1, let alone an RS1, so they might’ve been testing something for a larger car using the supermini. A four-cylinder RS model is not on the agenda, so don’t go into thinking the folks from Ingolstadt will make a V6 version of their subcompact hatchback.