The Ruf Rodeo Concept is the German brand's reinterpretation of the classic Porsche 911 Safari rally cars, as reported by Motor Fan from Japan. This unique model features rugged styling with broader fender wings and lots of extra gear for taking a trip into the wilderness. The vehicle was originally supposed to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but the event's cancellation ruined that plan.

Ruf isn't offering specific engine details for the Rodeo. The model has all-wheel drive, though, for improved traction off-road. The company also revises the suspension to lift the ride height and fits all-terrain tyres for better grip.

Gallery: RUF Rodeo Concept

The Ruf Rodeo shares the carbon fibre monocoque with the current CTR Anniversary and SCR. For extra occupant safety, there's also a roll cage concealed behind the upholstery over the pillars.

The front takes inspiration from Porsche 911 rally cars because of the circular fog lamps on the bonnet. A bullbar and metal grille protect the fascia. A roof rack offers extra storage space and has additional LED lights. The small shovel on the rear deck probably isn't too functional but looks good.

Ruf only offers a single image of the interior. The Rodeo features chairs with a motif in the centre section that takes inspiration from Native American Southwestern art and deep brown bolsters on the outside. The company's promo images also show off a set of custom, high-heeled cowboy boots with the Rodeo logo on the calf.

While the Rodeo is a concept for the moment, this vehicle appears viable for production. As a boutique automaker, we suspect showing up to Ruf with enough money could get you a one.