Due to health concerns surrounding the recent CoronaVirus outbreak, Switzerland, home of the Geneva motor show banned all events with over a thousand attendees leading to the cancellation of the famed auto show. This news lead many automakers to reveal their planned product launches online as the show must go on in the world of car innovation.

Koenigsegg already had their booth and cars set up at the show, so they invited the Top Gear crew to film the launch of two very impactful models, the Gamera and Jesko Absolut. 

It is the opinion of many that modern supercars simply don’t matter. When a new Ferrari and McLaren special edition arrives many are inclined to yawn or ignore whether carbon fibre clad collectable hit dealerships for the growing billionaire class. Koenigsegg is different because they don’t build supercars, they build engineering marvels that happen to be hypercars. 


The Gemera is Koenigsegg’s first four-seater car meant to give the entire family a hypercar thrill thanks to unique innovations like its camshaftless engine and unique electric powertrain. The Gemera may look like a typical Koenigsegg at first glance, but this package marvel houses room for four occupants, three electric motors, a battery pack, and an engine. This potent combination of electric motors and a camshaftless engine results in a 1700 bhp hypercar that can sprint from 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. 

If top speed is more interesting than a hypercar that seats four, look no further than the Jesko Absolut. With a theoretical top speed of over 330 mph, the Jesko Absolut removes the high downforce aerodynamics of the normal Jesko in favor of a slippery profile that allows for its ridiculous top speed aspirations. 

It can be hard to get excited about modern-day supercars, but the creations that Koensegg continues to release is certainly worth our attention. We cannot wait to see these machines in action.