In what seems to be an April Fool's gag, Lexus has made a convertible version of the LX SUV. But this isn't a joke nor is it a real LX convertible that you can buy out of Lexus showrooms. Instead, the Japanese luxury company cooperates with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation (CPF) to make a one-of-a-kind ride-on vehicle inspired by children with cerebral palsy.

"People with cerebral palsy rarely get the interventions and support they need at the moments they need them," said Rachel Byrne, CPF executive director of the charity. "Our mission is to shift that paradigm and be a catalyst for creating positive change through innovative collaborations and partnerships."

Lexus LX Ride-On Vehicle
Lexus LX Ride-On Vehicle

The creation of the ride-on LX was from Lexus' human-centric philosophy. As children with cerebral palsy have the challenge to play with other children and participate in an environment, Lexus wants to extend its philosophy for these children to experience mobility like others.

“We create vehicles around the art and science of human needs. In this case, we wanted to push the envelope and explore what that might mean for a child with cerebral palsy who hasn’t been able to experience the joy of mobility like other children have,” said Cooper Ericksen, Lexus group vice president, product planning & strategy.

The first recipient of the ride-on Lexus LX is Finley Smallwood. Finley suffers from cerebral palsy and has difficulties sitting for long periods of time. Because of that, the ride-on vehicle is modified with added padding on the side for lateral support and an adjustable headrest. Doors have been increased, as well, plus ground clearance has been reduced, along with a five-point harness to secure the child in place.

Lastly, to aid with Finley's limited movements, the ride-on LX also has an armrest joystick for the ability to control the direction and acceleration.

You can watch Finley's journey in receiving the special ride-on LX on Givewith.