The Bentley Flying Spur by Mansory demands attention thanks to its outrageous yet opulent exterior styling, and somehow this is one of Mansory’s most retrained creations. Born in 2001 Mansory is a German design house that takes luxury cars and adds a layer of flair and excitement left out by the factory. The resulting vehicles can sometimes be off-putting, yet their 2020 Flying Spur may be their most universally excepted vehicle yet. 

The Bentley Flying Spur is one of the few top of the line luxury saloons on the market. This exclusive vehicle caters to the wealthiest individuals on this planet with endless customisation options to fulfil every customer’s wish. The bespoke nature of the flying spur coupled with its ultra-luxury vision makes it a special vehicle to own and build. 

Gallery: Bentley Flying Spur by Mansory is surprisingly restrained

The Flying Spur uses a 6.0-litre Twin-turbo W12 engine that produces 626 bhp and is capable of catapulting this massive luxury barge from 0 to 60 in an astounding 3.8 seconds. Now you can embarrass almost any car in the round while encapsulated in a luxurious cocoon. Bentley offers a host of luxury customisation and endless swatches of leather and wood trim but they can’t make the Flying Spur look more exciting on the exterior. That’s where the team from Mansory comes in. 


Rather than offering a Flying Spur customers ancient wood found in the amazon river from a tree cut down by Cortez, Mansory makes the Flying Spur look exciting. Their car particularly appeals to young money who want a blacked-out exterior on outrageous attention-grabbing enhancements. Give us stripes and carbon fibre parts we don’t need. The result is one of the best looking creations by Mansory.

The Mansory Flying Spur walks a fine line between outrageous yet acceptable. It’s not too much nor too little falling into the magical just right spot for a customised ultra-luxury saloon.