Automakers aren’t known for talking freely about their future products and plans. Smart wordplay is often employed to dance around probing questions from pesky journalists. But when they do discuss the future, such talk often drips with vagueness, speculation, and a healthy dollop of butt-covering just in case.

Bentley Mulliner boss Tim Hannig, who’s tasked with expanding the brand’s operations, is no different. When asked by Top Gear about the possibility of a Bentley Bentayga convertible, Hannig didn’t say no. But he didn’t say yes, either.

Hannig told the publication nothing is “impossible” if there was enough interest in such a vehicle, and if Mulliner could build it while maintaining Bentley’s style. The possibility of a drop-top Bentley Bentayga from Mulliner is far likelier than one from Bentley itself. Hannig himself told Top Gear he hates disappointing people, and that if they say “no” to someone, they start working with them on something else.

Just this week, Mulliner revealed the Bentley Bacalar, a 12-car run of roofless Bentley Continental GT Convertible models that start at £1.5 million each. An equally limited series of Bentayga convertibles makes much more sense than building several hundred. Such a unique, niche vehicle as the Bentley Bentayga convertible should easily have 12 potential buyers – or more.

Convertible SUVs aren’t new, though they don’t often stick around for long. The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet lasted just four years before getting the axe. Then there was the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque that saw production from the 2017 model year through 2018. Then it got cut from Land Rover’s team, too. There's also the ridiculous Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet that saw only 99 produced.

Gallery: Bentley Bacalar

If Mulliner were to build a Bentley Bentayga convertible, then it would likely command a seven-plus-figure price tag like the Bacalar. It’s exclusive price tag, and limited production run would lure those who like such things. Though, if open-air, SUV motoring is what you’re looking for, you could snag the much cheaper Jeep Wrangler.