Whether you love or hate the custom creations from Mansory, there’s no denying the end-result is always distinctive. We’re used to seeing crazy Bentleys with bonkers colour combinations, or Lamborghinis with crazy body kits, but we’ve never seen anything from Mansory quite like this. We’re not just talking about an armoured-up Mercedes-AMG G63 either. We’ll explain that more in a bit.

First, let this sink in for a moment: a G-Class armoured vehicle by Mansory. Who says protection for VIPs needs to be boring? All things considered, this G63 is one of the tamest Mansory upfits we’ve seen, and that goes for both the exterior as well as the interior. The tuning company advertises this simply as the G3 Armoured on its website, and there isn’t much offered in the way of information, either. Presumably, there aren't many buyers seeking opulent armoured vehicles, so Mansory offers a series of photos showing a properly badass G63 with a prompt to contact a dealer for help.

Mansory Mercedes-AMG G63 Armored
Mansory Mercedes-AMG G63 Armored

However, there is a video on YouTube (featured at the top of the article) that lists at least some info in its description. The body is finished in visible carbon fibre – a material not known for being particularly bulletproof – but there must be some serious reinforcement beneath. It offers VPAM4 or VPAM7 protection, which can stop handgun fire in its lowest format and 30-calibre rifle rounds in top trim. The video description also tells us the Mansory-kissed G63 gets a power upgrade to either 700 bhp (522 kilowatts) or 800 bhp ( 597 kW).

Unfortunately, that’s all the specific info we get. We’re left to scour Mansory’s photos for details, where we’re greeted with gobs of quilted leather on pretty much everything inside. That’s certainly a Mansory trademark, but the light tan / brown colour combination is surprisingly modest. A push bar with integrated red-and-blues is seen up front, and it wouldn’t be Mansory without a carbon fibre body kit.

Gallery: Mansory Mercedes-AMG G63 Armoured

Here’s where it gets interesting. Mansory photos usually depict a fabulously extravagant machine in flashy colours, but included in this bundle are few shots of the build. Indeed, that carbon fibre body is backed with proper armour, as we see the G63’s bare interior with welded steel plates all over the place. The G63’s entire greenhouse is gutted for the conversion so yeah, we’ve never seen a Mansory vehicle like this.

How much does it cost to have an armour-plated, 800-bhp, Mansory-modified G63 in your fleet? If you need to ask, there’s no possible way you could afford it.