In February, Toyota teased the unveiling of a new compact crossover on March 3 at the Geneva Motor Show. Eagled-eyed readers might have noticed there wasn't a single bit of info about it, though. The automaker has decided to delay the debut for "weeks or months," an unnamed, insider source told Automotive News. The company made the decision following the Swiss government's decision to ban public gatherings larger than 1,000 people that forced the cancellation of this year's automotive event.

"We expect this to be a very successful car. Some cars you look at the styling and it just looks right. This is such a car," an unnamed Toyota source told Automotive News.

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The new compact crossover won't go on sale until March 2021, which will give Toyota plenty of time to reschedule the unveiling. Production will take place at the automaker's factory in Valenciennes, France.

Toyota's teaser indicates that the model "blends extensive small car experience with enviable SUV heritage." It rides on the TNGA-B platform, power comes from a 1.5-litre combustion engine with hybrid assistance. All-wheel drive would be available.

Teaser images suggest that despite being small, the new crossover has plenty of style. There's a flat front end that seems to have large headlights. The bonnet and roofline are fairly flat, but there's a steeply angled rear pillar. Large, squared-off wheel wells would add some rugged design cues.

Toyota isn't saying yet whether this little crossover would be available in North America. However, building it at the same plant in France that produces the European-market Yaris suggests this rugged model also might not cross the Atlantic. The product's official debut should answer these lingering questions.