Sony literally shocked the automotive world last month during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, where the company presented its first-ever vehicle. The Vision-S Concept is a modernistic sleek EV with a highly advanced autonomous driving system and a design that reminds us of the recently introduced Polestar Precept, as well as the Lucid Air.

The prototype displayed in Las Vegas was simply a showcar equipped with a pair of 268-bhp (200-kilowatt) electric motors enabling a 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 kph) sprint in just 4.8 seconds. Now, the Tokyo-based tech giant takes the next step by transporting the Vision S to Graz where joint development efforts are underway together with Magna Steyr and other partners to prepare the vehicle for test drives on public roads.

Gallery: Sony Vision-S concept

Unfortunately, Sony has no intentions to enter the car business. Instead, the study is simply "Sony's contribution to the evolution of cars" but it’ll be very interesting to see which of its technologies will make it to production cars from other companies.

As a reminder, the Vision S is equipped with no fewer than 33 sensors that detect people and objects not just outside of the car, but also inside the four-seat cabin. Other impressive gadgets include the panorama of screens across the dashboard, as well as the 360 ​​Reality Audio system which creates a 3D sound effect by putting speakers in each seat. 

Sony’s latest promotional video shows the prototype making its first miles on the road powered by its two electric motors. This could be one of the very few occasions of seeing the car in motion so make sure to take a look at the video.