Last week, the automotive world was joined by a brand new company. The California-based Czinger Vehicles Inc. is here with its first-ever product, the 21C hypercar, which promises to deliver almost unmatched performance such as a 0 to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) sprint in just 1.9 seconds. Top speed? 268 mph (432 km/h).

All this sounds almost unreal and we won’t blame you if you are asking yourself whether this thing even exists. Thankfully, there’s a new comprehensive video from Top Gear, which details the hypercar’s construction, its mix of materials, and the chassis components produced with advanced 3D printing. The British magazine also meets the company’s founder and ideologist, Kevin Czinger, who is also co-founder of Coda.

Gallery: Czinger 21C hypercar

“This is a car that I’ve always dreamed of building. And if you have the tools to build something that’s totally off the hook, go for it. My vision is this layout because I love superbikes, love biking itself. Being in that centre driving position is not only the optimal position from a driving standpoint but it’s also from an emotional standpoint,” Czinger explains the overall idea behind the project.

With the aim to build just 80 cars, Czinger will display the 21C hypercar in Geneva next week. So, simply put, if you are still not convinced that it’s an actual road-legal machine, better make the trip to Switzerland to meet the car and its creators in person.

Meanwhile, we’ve also attached a 13-minute walkaround video of the car made by our friend Shmee150. And before we let you enjoy the car through these clips, there’s just one more thing. Do you know what 21C stands for? If not, the answer’s in the second video.