Ferrari likes to keep its future plans close to the vest. We know about the upcoming "Purosangue" crossover, some hybridised options, even a fully electric vehicle (likely coming in 2025), and that’s about it. Attempting to predict the future of Ferrari outside of that, though, isn’t easy. But graphic artist and industrial designer, Murray Sharp, thinks he may have come up with a worthy spiritual successor to the beloved LaFerrari. And we tend to agree.

Dubbed the Ferrari Stallone (stallion in Italian), the stunning hypercar rendering keeps core Ferrari values like passion and speed intact with its design. The full details of which you can see on the artists Behance page. It even wears the iconic Rosso Corsa paint job, because of course. As such, Murray Sharp imagines this vehicle as a spiritual successor to the beloved LaFerrari. "This hypercar would be positioned at the pinnacle of the Ferrari brand, a successor to the great Laferrari," he tells us.

Ferrari Stallone Rendering
Ferrari Stallone Rendering
Ferrari Stallone Rendering

And looking closer, there are some telling cues that tie this concept to the LaFerrari it's meant to replace. The low, sharp angle of the bonnet and two large vents beneath are the most obvious nods to the iconic hypercar. The side vents, distinctive profile, and even the rear light fixtures – with their unique horizontal element – look like futuristic bows to the LaFerrari, as well. And there's even a hybridised, KERS-aided V12 out back. But there are some elements that aren't direct descendants of the hybrid Ferrari.

The directional five-spoke wheels look sharp as hell, there's healthy usage of carbon fibre throughout the body – particularly on the front fascia and rear valance – and the dual exhaust tips exit upward and out of the engine bay. On the LaFerrari, its quad exhaust tips are positioned lower down on the bumper. All said, the look of this concept is a stunning take on what could be. And like any good Ferrari, this one has heart.

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"The Ferrari Stallone concept has been a very special project for me," its designer, Murray Sharp, tells us via email. "It actually came about from a place of frustration where I felt like I could do more with my skills and talents. I made a very strong and deliberate decision to take on a project for myself to prove what I really could achieve if I put my absolute best effort into it. It has been by far the most substantial piece of design I have ever created."

"I used over 12 different design programs in total to complete this project and six of these programs I had never used before. Large programs including Alias, Vray, Photoshop, and Aftereffects were all learned from scratch during this project."

Ferrari, take notes when designing your next hypercar.