What happens when you fit some snowmobile-like apparatuses to a Tesla Model 3? This is what happens. It becomes this weird, snow-going machine.

This particular Model 3 is a rear-wheel-drive Standard Range Plus version. As such, it's not as capable in the snow and ice as the all-wheel-drive versions of the Model 3. That's not a problem though if you've got a set of tracks to put on.

The owner of this Tesla Model 3 removed the rear wheels and fitted snow tracks instead. We're a bit surprised to see the track extend so fart outward from the car and would like to think that this setup places some odd stress on the suspension of the vehicle, but nonetheless it seems to work.

The video shows the car driving through heavy snow in British Columbia and it sure is entertaining to watch. The car easily moves through the deep snow and never gets stuck. However, the Model 3 is driven with caution and at slow speeds since the tracks don't see to be designed for anything over a slow crawl.

At one point in the video though there is a bit of an acceleration blast. It's nothing spectacular, but the tracks do dig in and give the car some go. Watch for that at the 9-minute mark.


Video description via lowlifeduramax on YouTube:

I put snow tracks on my Tesla model 3 SR+ rear wheel drive and took it on a snowmobile trail for experimental purposes. I think I want to take it thru mud next time.