The official Jaguar global sales report for the month of December 2019 revealed also the final numbers for last year.

The British brand delivered in December 1,911 I-PACE - down 14.3% year-over-year, although from a record level of 2,230 and at a near-record share of 14.3% out of its overall sales volume.

The result for the year 2019 is 17,355 I-PACE sold (up 252% compared to several months of 2018). On average, the I-PACE had 10.7% share out of total Jaguar sales, which is really strong.

Since introduction, sales exceed 24,000.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – December 2019


The problem that Jaguar has is a general decrease in sales globally because basically all the ICE models are losing ground.

Additionally, the company reportedly has trouble with battery constraints (from LG Chem), which is "throttling" production of cars.


In the near future, Jaguar should introduce more plug-ins, including an all-electric XJ successor.