Drag races and tugs-of-war are just among the contests we enjoy watching. They're tests of what differing machines could offer in terms of power and torque. While drag races are more prominent here, tugs-of-war are becoming popular, too, basically because it's easy to see a clear winner.

This video by Garage 54 is a bit different than the Youtube channel's usual wrecking experiments. Our main guy here pits four SUVs against each other, in round-per-round tug-of-war battles to see which one's the toughest. And, since the video was shot in Russia, expect a ton of ice.

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To keep things on the same ground, the SUVs were fitted with the same winter tyres. They were also given the same tire pressure just to make sure that it's going to be an even battle when it comes to traction.

So, it went down to what the machines could really do. The contenders were pretty much huge SUVs of different origins. Two Japanese (a Lexus LX and a Toyota Prado), one German (a Porsche Cayenne), and one American (a Cadillac Escalade).

Since these are old generation models of each car, it's hard to check the exact power output for us to compare. But one thing's for sure – the differences in technology, differentials, and power delivery played a huge role in getting the results.

And oh, by the end of the video, a guest SUV came as a wildcard and challenged the winner. We don't want to spoil that so just watch the video on top of this page.