California real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin loves his cars. He’s also not shy about sharing his collection through his social media channels, and that includes a stunning one-of-one Bugatti Chiron Hermes he showcased inside and out back in January. His collection includes multiple Bugattis, not to mention all kinds of other supercars that would be the envy of any petrolhead. But such a collection comes at a hefty cost, and we’re not talking about the sticker price of each machine. Simply maintaining the collection can equal the cost of a snazzy supercar each year.

Khoshbin is wonderfully transparent about his specific costs in the above video, which takes us through the collection vehicle-by-vehicle for some quick calculations. The least expensive cars are the McLarens, which average roughly £1,150 per year for oil changes. His Porsche Carrera GT also commands £1,150 for oil changes and engine bay cleaning, and if that sounds steep for such a basic service, his five (yes, five) Mercedes SLR McLarens set him back £26,825 a year. That averages £5,365 per car, but it’s still cheaper than the £6,131 Pagani asks for yearly service on his Huayra. And then we get to the Bugattis.

We’ve talked about insane Bugatti maintenance costs before, but it’s still just as shocking to hear about it in this video. The French company requires no less than £16,861 for an oil change, and tyres are supposed to be replaced every four years at a cost of £29,125 per set. Khoshbin averages that out to £7,665 per year on tyres, and he has three Bugattis including the aforementioned Hermes Edition. Ouch.

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Beyond that, he adds in the cost of keeping the collection clean which sets him about £600 a week. He also talks about yearly insurance for the cars (£76,645), storage costs (estimated at £138,000), and though he mentions other items like the cost of making his ultra-clean garage compliant for the city of Irvine, it’s not part of his final tally.

Khoshbin ultimately lands on £338,000 for the basics, though going back through the numbers individually we come in just a bit higher. Perhaps he was distracted by the freaking awesome cars in his garage, not to mention all the neat extras that are also showcased in the video. The overall result is still the same – more than £300,000 just to keep everything on the up-and-up. Better start saving those pennies, because buying a supercar is just the beginning of the financial mountain supercar owners face.