We love dogs here at Motor1.com, and so does Honda. In fact, Honda loves dogs so much that it offers an entire series of dog accessories through its Honda Dog series in Japan, and this cool traveling car seat is among them.

It’s called Pet Seat Plus Wan, and there isn’t much to say that the photos don’t already show. It’s obviously intended for smaller dogs but it mounts nice and neat into Honda vehicles and can be easily taken out as well. Obviously, the seat isn’t really a seat like you’d have for an infant – the Pet Seat Plus Wan doesn’t restrain pups, but it does have a place to hook a lead if you so desire. The mesh covering on the top also can be opened if you have a well-behaved pooch that will stay in the carrier, or it can be closed to create a cocoon of cuteness.

Of course, the downside for us in the UK is that this doggie option – along with other Honda Dog series items like blankets and seat covers – aren’t available here. Once upon a time, Honda teased us with cool dog features for the long-dead Element, but that was our only taste of the company’s factory-backed four-legged features.

We even tried nosing around the interwebz to find a backdoor channel to import these Honda accessories straight from Japan Fast and Furious style, but unless you come upon a used offering on eBay, it appears the only way to get new items is to have a connection with someone already in Japan. 

These accessories have been around for a while, but Honda is now stretching the concept into its Japan-based EveryGo ridesharing service. The automaker launched the rental system in select cities across Japan in 2017, but rideshare users can now take their pups along in vehicles already equipped with various Honda Dog accessories.