Biggs Automotive Company is bidding farewell to its famous Mono single seater with a limited-run final edition called the Mono One.

The £158,950 Mono One will be BAC's rarest model, with just three being produced – one in Iconic White, on in Carbon Black and a third in Neon Red. The trio all feature visible carbon lower bodies, special-edition carbon-hybrid wheels with a unique finish, new decals, adn commemorative plaques as standard.

The car is actually inspired by the robot in the music video for Bjork’s 1999 'All Is Full Of Love', as such a Bjork-robot-inspired logo features on the wing and the headrest on all three cars and on a bespoke helmet that comes each model.

BAC Mono One

"Mono One marks the end of a truly incredible era for BAC and, of course, Mono. We wanted to give Mono the perfect send-off and this car does exactly that – it’s super rare, with only three available, and has endless unique features that make it serious proposition for collectors," said Ian Briggs, BAC co-founder and design director.

BAC Mono One

"It’s the last chance to own a future classic! When we first designed Mono and drew inspiration from Bjork’s video, we did so with a dream of sharing the experience with our close friends and having a lot of fun in the process – never could we have ever visualised our growth around the world and just how many remarkable garages Mono now finds itself part of.

"It’s now time for a new generation of BAC Mono and a new bid for world domination. See you in Geneva."

A replacement model for the Mono will be unveiled at next month's Geneva Motor Show and is set to go into production in the summer of 2021.

Gallery: BAC Mono One