Tata Motors has unveiled what it calls its Sierra for a new era, an all-electric crossover concept, at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2020, in India. It’s the company’s idea of where the Sierra nameplate (in production between 1991 and 2000) could go with a fresh take.

It’s a concept, not a production preview, and if the ridiculously small steering wheel or the swiveling seats didn’t tell you that, then maybe the moss on the dashboard might drive the point home.

The Sierra EV concept rides on Tata’s ALFA ARC platform and has an all-electric powertrain the specifics of which were not disclosed. Its design does bare hints of Land Rover Discovery, and this may not be accidental since Tata Motors actually owns Jaguar-Land Rover, but if you know the original Sierra, then it will definitely bring that to mind instead.

Gallery: Tata Sierra EV Concept

It’s definitely a good looking little high rider, with a high-set body, squared off flanks and a very aggressive face. According to its makers, its interior is meant to feel like a welcoming, soothing place, to feel more like a home than an actual automobile, and based on what we’ve seen, it does manage to achieve that goal. It may spawn a more toned down production version that could debut in India within the next two years.