When Porsche announced that its new Taycan Turbo had an EPA range of 201 miles (and the Turbo S just 192 miles), the news left many quite disappointed. However, now more and more independent tests are actually showing the car can easily exceed these estimates, if driven with a light right foot.

Recently, the Porsche EV was tested by Nextmove, on an Autobahn in Germany. They fully charged the Taycan Turbo, then proceeded to drive it around the city of Leipzig until it was close to running out. For reference, they also ran a Tesla Model 3 Long Range (which had a lower, aftermarket suspension setup fitted), and their findings are quite telling.

Both cars were driven at an average speed of 131 km/h (81 mph), although the aim was to drive them at 150 km/h (93 mph) - this wasn’t possible due to roadworks and lower speed limits on that particular piece of Autobahn.

In the end, the Model 3 achieved a range of 332 km (206 miles), while the Taycan Turbo was close behind with 314 km (195 miles). If you check out Nextmove’s chart, you’ll see that there is quite a big disparity between quoted EPA and WLTP range for the Tesla, while the Porsche almost achieves its EPA estimate.

Porsche Taycan Turbo Autobahn range test

You can check out the video to get all the details, but make sure to enable subtitles if you don't speak German. In our own test, we found the Taycan Turbo did 20 percent better than the EPA claim, and this was achieved without actually trying to hypermile.

Source: electric-fun.com