With uncertainty surrounding all things automotive amid Britain's recent exit from the European Union, there's been lots of talk about manufacturers leaving Britain incase tariffs and taxes make producing cars on these shores untenable.

However, according to the Financial Times, per Automotive News Europe, Nissan could be about to buck the trend by actually increasing its UK production numbers at its plant in Sunderland in the North East.

Sources close to the matter say that the Japanese marque could close its factory in Barcelona, and move production of the Micra from France – where it is currently built in a Renault factory – to the UK should Brexit end without a trade deal.

Nissan Juke production at Sunderland UK plant

With Nissan's UK base increasing its output, the hope is that it would outdo its rivals and increase its market share from four percent to 20 percent, giving Nissan the upperhand against the likes of Ford and Volkswagen which, in the event of a no-deal, would be subject to import tariffs.

Nissan has denied the existence of such a plan however, with a spokesperson telling the Financial Times "we've modeled every possible ramification of Brexit and the fact remains that our entire business both in the UK and in Europe is not sustainable in the event of WTO tariffs."

Gallery: Nissan Juke production at Sunderland UK plant