While all of us want to take that quick vacation to the beach or a ski resort, there exist those types of people that would rather live off the grid for several days or even months at a time, totally relying on what they've brought with them. While finding a good place to camp is a simple way of doing this, the most elegant and, arguably, most expensive way, is to find yourself a fully-equipped motorhome that has all the conveniences and luxuries of home. All of this while being completely self-sustaining and ready for anything that nature can throw at it. No, this isn't something you can necessarily go to the showroom or dealer for; it's a complete project build that requires a lot of money and knowing the right people. Oh, and a lot of waiting.

Gallery: This is how massive off-road motorhomes are made

In this episode of exceptional Engineering by WELT Documentary on YouTube, we take an hour-long look at every step in creating some off-road motorhome monsters. The documentary follows the projects of Andre Schwarz, the man that leads a dedicated team of high-end motorhome builders in the industrial area of Berlin. From their beginnings as emergency vehicles or trailer cabs, almost every existing bit is stripped and the chassis upgraded or extended to create a new canvass for their discerning buyers. The canvass is then filled with a purpose-built shell that is meant to provide safety and comfort for its passengers, as well as be equipped with rooms with appliances, and fixtures that maximise a challenging footprint. The sky is almost the limit, as the materials and additions can range from utilitarian and serviceable, to expensive and hotel-like. They also go into detail about the plumbing and how these massive vehicles make the most out of the resources that go onboard with each trip. Beefed up suspension components and chassis also allow the motorhome to venture into terrain that most regular campers wouldn't go. 

It's a fun way to spend about an hour of your time and shows how much more involved the whole process is of creating that motorhome that's completely your own. It's pretty amazing to see what you can do with deep pockets and a good imagination. Now, we'll be sticking to our tents, please.