If you look at Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen's body of work, you may not come to the conclusion that he'd ever design something like the Tesla Cybertruck. What if we told you that even though von Holzhausen may get official credit for designing the truck – since he holds the role of chief designer – it was actually designed by someone else?

Let's take it a huge leap further and say that by "someone else" we're not just talking about another individual or a different lead designer, but a team of some 30,000 amateurs. Wait what?

In typical fashion, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did some of his own 'market research' related to the Cybertruck. This is interesting since an article in The Wall Street Journal actually called Musk out for unveiling the Cybertruck without doing any market research. WSJ quotes Musk:

“I do zero market research whatsoever.”

WSJ called the Cybertruck a "gut hunch" and a "wild bet." It even went so far as to say that skipping market research is “a tough strategy to defend [and] seems especially reckless in the age of Big Data.” The publication points out that Tesla should have had some focus groups and consumer surveys to learn what pickup truck buyers actually want.

What WSJ doesn't mention is that Musk sent out tweets asking people for ideas about the design of the Cybertruck. Not surprisingly, due to his massive Twitter following, the CEO received some 30,000 responses. 

Check out the video above to see a recap of the whole situation, complete with a look at many of the tweets that led to the Cybertruck's unique design. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Like Tesla on YouTube:

The Secret Designer Behind Tesla’s Cybertruck